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Five senators from Nebraska are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa this week. They are (left to right): Justin Wayne from Omaha, Ben Hansen from Blair, Anna Wishart from Lincoln, Tom Brewer from Gordon and Dave Murman from Glenvil.

Senator Ben Hansen’s Facebook page

Nebraska Climbing State Senators climbed to 15,212 feet on Mount Kilimanjaro on Sunday, then descended to an overnight camp at 13,054 feet in an exercise that allows the body to acclimate to a decrease in l ‘oxygen.

All five senators were cleared by daily medical checks to continue their journey, but a member of the climbing team, a former military buddy of Sen. Tom Brewer from Gordon, reluctantly withdrew in response to medical advice and was escorted down the mountain.

“He put in a lot of effort and got to the base safely,” Brewer wrote from Barranco camp at the end of the day.

“We were all sad to see him go, but he listened to the medical advice.”

“There were a few slips and falls” on Sunday’s third day climb, Brewer said, “but nothing major.”

Brewer and his colleagues Senators Anna Wishart of Lincoln, Justin Wayne of Omaha, Ben Hansen of Blair and Dave Murman of Glenvil, will resume their ascent to the 19,340-foot summit on Monday.

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