Senators descend safely from Mount Kilimanjaro | Regional government

The five Nebraska state senators who go mountaineering completed their descent from Mount Kilimanjaro on Thursday after successfully ascending the 19,341-foot peak in Tanzania.

Among the upcoming stops on their African itinerary is a close-up view of exotic animals in a country considered a safari mecca, home to elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes.

“All is well!” Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln said at the end of the day in a text message.

Nebraska senators summit Mount Kilimanjaro

“We just got back to the hotel and said goodbye to our guides,” she said.

Earlier, while still on the mountain, Wishart texted that the adventure was “an amazing experience”.

“One of the most beautiful places I’ve been…the people and the mountains,” she said.

Senator Tom Brewer of Gordon, who made room for his four legislative colleagues on a trip he had already planned, texted a photo of the senators gathered under brilliant blue skies atop the legendary mountain from Africa at the end of a final ascent that began Tuesday at midnight in Tanzania.

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They are heavily muffled up against the cold.

Brewer is a retired US Army colonel who led troops in Afghanistan.

The adventure has garnered some national attention, primarily due to its non-partisan and multicultural nature.

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Brewer and Sens. Ben Hansen of Blair and Dave Murman of Glenvil are Republican members of the nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature. Wishart and Senator Justin Wayne of Omaha are Democrats.

The legislative team included an Aboriginal senator (Brewer), a black senator (Wayne) and a female senator (Wishart).

A television crew from Educational Media Enterprises accompanied the senators and will provide free films to Nebraska Public Media’s nationwide network, with nationwide distribution through Amazon Prime Video.

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