South Africa votes in 2021 local elections


Voting in the local elections began Monday morning with voters from KwaZulu-Natal marching to the polling stations.

Lauren Beukes

Residents of Extension 3 of Margate town on the south coast say they are fed up with water supply issues – and call for immediate action to be taken to enable them to enjoy this human right fundamental.

Newswatch’s Nushera Soodyal was in Margate Middle School.

She spoke to some of the first voters to arrive at the polling station.

Listen below:

Meanwhile, election day went well on the south coast, where service delivery issues are the main concern.

The woman, who has lived in Margate Extension 3 for 20 years, says water supply issues have become a weekly nightmare.

Jan Venter, who was the first to arrive at Margate Middle School, says deteriorating road conditions are a headache for motorists.

The Plessislaer polling station in Ward 22 finally opened its doors after an hour of delay.

Residents, mostly older people, have been lining up outside the polling station since 6 a.m.

According to President Nokukhanya Hlabane, the ballot boxes arrived late due to transport problems.

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