Spanish regions do not reliably notify central government of positive Covid-19 infections, Health Minister Darias warns

Minister Carolina Darias / ECE

The country’s cumulative coronavirus incidence rate fell on Wednesday, the health ministry says, but it questions the accuracy of the data

After 11 weeks of rising numbers, the cumulative incidence rate of Covid-19 infections in Spain fell on Wednesday January 19.

But Health Minister Carolina Darias has complained that the autonomous regions do not consistently provide her ministry with their daily totals of positive infections and she fears the data may be incorrect.

Public health specialists have also expressed concern that the number of positive Covid-19 cases in Spain has been underestimated, in part because people who test positive with a home antigen test do not report it to their competent health authorities.

While the Ministry of Health recognizes that some people will not be sufficiently motivated to inform their health authorities of their coronavirus status, it called on the autonomous regions to calculate the totals they have on a daily basis and to quickly transmit this information to the central ministry. of Health.

The Community of Madrid, for example, does not include self-reported positives in its tally, and Darias warns that this skews national data.

Without reliable data, she added that it is impossible to know which prevention measures, such as wearing a mask, should be applied or relaxed.

“It’s the second day of descent, but the important thing is the trend. When the decline in positives is consolidated, we will be able to take the next steps. We have already reached the peak of the wave or we are very close to it,” said Darias.

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