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Lizzie Fletcher, Representative of the United States

Some locals will soon have to familiarize themselves with a new generation of elected officials and challengers who will try to win their votes next year and beyond.

The Republican-controlled Texas legislature redrawn the state’s political maps in a special session that recently ended, with Governor Greg Abbott signing on Monday. The changes were made in response to data from the 2020 U.S. Census and, unless challenged successfully in the court system, will come into effect with the 2022 electoral cycle and will remain in effect for a period of 10 years.

The new maps, available online at, apply to the Texas delegation to the United States Congress and to representation in the Texas House and Senate, and the State Board of Education. The most notable changes in the Heights, Garden Oaks, and Oak Forest areas are in the Congressional Districts, with one of the state’s two new districts – District 38 – covering a geographic area that includes Memorial Park and venues. immediately east and south.

District 2, where Republican Dan Crenshaw was first elected in 2018, will no longer include the western part of the Heights as well as the neighborhoods of Timbergrove and Lazybrook. This area will instead be part of District 7, where Democrat Lizzie Fletcher was first elected in 2018.

The central part of the Heights as well as Garden Oaks and Oak Forest will continue to be served by District 18, where Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has served since 1995. The District 29 seat, held by Democrat Sylvia Garcia since 2019, will continue. to represent the Near Northside and Northside neighborhoods as well as the eastern part of the Heights, where its footprint has been widened.

Texas House

The area district map for the Texas House of Representatives will be more fragmented than it has been in the past 10 years, with a total of five districts serving local residents instead of four.

District 148, where Democrat Penny Morales Shaw was elected in 2020, will continue to include parts of Garden Oaks and Oak Forest but will no longer serve the Heights, Near Northside and Northside areas. These latter quarters, along with Section 1 of Garden Oaks, will be represented by District 145, where Democrat Christina Morales has served since 2019.

Christina Morales.jpg

Rep. of State Christina Morales

The southwest portion of the Heights as well as the areas of Washington Avenue and Sawyer Yards will be part of District 147, which will extend well to the south. This district is served by Democrat Garnet Coleman, who was first elected in 1990.

District 134, where Democrat Ann Johnson was elected last year, will continue to represent the areas of Timbergrove, Lazybrook and Memorial Park. District 139, where Democrat Jarvis Johnson has served since 2016, will continue to serve the northern parts of Garden Oaks and Oak Forest as well as Acres Homes and Independence Heights.

Texas Senate

Texas Senate district maps will remain intact as they relate to the area served by The Leader.

District 15, where Democrat John Whitmire has served since 1983 and is the state’s longest-serving member of the Senate, covers the areas of Heights and Washington Avenue as well as Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and neighborhoods to the north and east. the west.

District 6, where Democrat Carol Alvarado was elected in 2018, serves the eastern edge of the Heights area with Sawyer Yards, part of the Washington Avenue corridor, and the Near Northside and Northside neighborhoods.

State Board of Education

The State Board of Education seat boundaries that serve the region, District 4 and District 6, were mostly unchanged by the Texas legislature.

District 4 will continue to serve the Garden Oaks and Oak Forest areas, while the northeastern part of the Heights area, east of North Main Street, has been added to its footprint. Democrat Lawrence Allen Jr. was first elected to the seat in 2004.

The Heights and Washington Avenue areas will continue to be part of District 6, which gains a parcel of land bordered by US 290 to the west, Milwee Street to the north, Mangum Road to the east, and West 34th Street to the west. South. Republican Will Hickman serves his first team at this seat.

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