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Iskut Band and Tahltan Band Continue to Govern Tahltan Indian Act Interests in Iskut, Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek Communities, Tahltan Central Government (TCG) Says . (photo GTC)

Tahltan Central Government Launches New Website for Stewardship Initiative

Tahltan Stewardship Initiative charts a new course for the First Nation in decision-making

On December 17, Tahltan Central Government (TCG) launched the Tahltan Stewardship Initiative (TSI) website to mark a step forward on their path to self-determination.

The TSI is an opportunity for members of the Tahltan Nation to have their say on issues that impact their lands, rights and well-being.

TCG President Chad Norman Day called the TSI an “important part” of their journey and their history as a nation.

“Since time immemorial, the Tahltan have lived, fought and bled to protect our territory. Caring for our land, our fish and our wildlife is part of who we are. The launch of our new TSI website will help Tahltans bring their collective knowledge and voices to our efforts,” said Day.

The TSI cadre will develop and use Tahltan knowledge and worldview and science in decision-making processes, build capacity, and provide Tahltan opportunities and training to work on stewardship projects.

“Tahltans need to be involved in strategic planning and decision-making on matters that affect our territory and impact our collective rights and well-being,” said Nalaine Morin, President of TSI and Director of Lands for TCG.

The TSI website (tsi.tahltan.org) is accessible here.

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