Tallinn city government issues freezing rain warning for Friday | New

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet (Center) said: “The next challenge will be the freezing rain forecast for Friday and the weekend, which risks making the city streets very slippery,” after noting that the capital had received the same amount of snow around the weekend as in last December and January combined.

Svet said: “This made the situation very serious in terms of snow removal and put all the contractors in the city to work, with their entire fleet of machines, to clean the streets of Tallinn.”

This means that homeowners should be aware of the need to clear sidewalks, as well as icicles that may have formed on their buildings, or snow that may have accumulated on sloping roofs and could present a serious problem. danger to passers-by once on the weekend. the thaw sets in.

All road users should pay close attention to the weather when choosing the right speeds, distances and tires, whether they are on two or four wheels, or the best shoes and clothing if they are walking.

“Temperatures will start to rise over the next two days and stabilize around zero degrees, remaining slightly above zero during the day and slightly below zero at night,” Svet continued, according to a press release from the city ​​government.

“I urge all homeowners to be prepared for slippery conditions: as temperatures start to rise, maintenance contractors and property managers should be prepared to sprinkle granite gravel on the sidewalks,” he added. .

Icicles that are particularly vicious or difficult to remove should be reported to the municipal police (Mupo) on 14410. Their agents can contact the owners and put up warnings near the danger, including a cordon if necessary.

Temporary road signs are also to be installed while snow removal work continues, Svet said, ahead of Friday’s forecast for freezing rain and the shift of the Mupo Snow Patrol and other city agencies to a patrol. slush.

“To date, 20,000 cubic meters of snow has already been removed from the city, and the numbers are increasing every day,” Svet continued.

About 150 pieces of machinery and 40 brigades are currently engaged in the process, the city government said.

Similar conditions in the capital at the end of last winter turned the streets and sidewalks into virtual ice rinks and, for several hours, made the small arteries in particular virtually impassable, even for the youngest in winter shoes. standard.

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