The central government gave these orders to the states when schools opened

New Delhi: The corona outbreak continues in the country, meanwhile, in view of the large-scale completion of the vaccination of teachers and other staff and the shortage of the third wave of corona, the Center asked the States to make a decision on opening schools. Sweety Changsan, co-secretary of the Ministry of Education, said the guidelines in this regard had already been changed after consultations with states. Member of Niti Aayog and head of the vaccination task force, Dr VK Pal said the Center only wanted corona rules to be guaranteed if schools opened.

According to Sweety Changsan, more than 95% of teachers and other staff in India have been fully vaccinated. According to her, the new guidelines issued after consultations with the states have removed the requirement of parental approval for the physical presence of students in the school. Now, the state government and local administration have been allowed to make a decision in this regard. She clarified that under the new guidelines, the state government and local administration are free to make the decision to open schools.

Emphasizing the need to open schools, Dr. VK Pal said that due to Corona there has been a lot of loss of education for children. It is a problem for the whole country. He said it was not possible to open schools without vaccination earlier, but now, thanks to the vaccination of most teachers and staff, schools can be opened.

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