The central government orders a new investigation into the regional ring road

The 339 km regional ring road project beyond Hyderabad’s outer ring road is expected to take a little longer as the Center has reportedly commissioned a new traffic volume survey on its 181 km southern corridor.

The new investigation was ordered after the Ministry of Transport and Highways raised doubts about the viability of the project because the southern corridor did not have a traffic volume of more than 5,000 to 6,000 vehicles per hour.

The question was whether grounding such a high budget project for a small number of vehicles was the question.

Proposal granted

The state government represented to the Center that a clear picture of traffic would only emerge after the integration of the northern and southern corridors into a ring.

The road will only be useful when it is aligned in a ring.

Traffic on the southern corridor would be similar to that of the north thereafter. The ministry conceded the proposal and ordered a new investigation, sources said.

The prestigious four-lane expressway project estimated at Rs 7,512 crore has been split into two parts – the northern and southern corridors.

Alignment Approved

The final route of the 158.46 km Northern Corridor which connects Sangareddy, Narsapur, Toopran, Gajwel, Jagdevpur, Bhongir, Yadadri and Chouttuppal has already been approved by the Ministry after two inquiries and submitted to the State Government for procurement of land. Traffic on this corridor has been set at 19,000 vehicles per hour.

J&J Constructions, based in Nagpur, had submitted four alignment options, the first of which was selected by the National Highways Authority of India authorized by the ministry.

Sources added that the government has decided to appoint district-level personnel to complete the land acquisition and provide them with the necessary machinery by the end of the month.

About 4,000 acres of land are needed for this purpose in four districts.

The road will stretch for 40 km each in the four districts – Sangareddy, Medak, Siddipet and Bhongir – and will affect 80 to 100 villages. It is proposed that land acquisition be completed within one year by officers and staff units at the district level. The units will take shape by the end of January.

Balancing tanks

Considered the country’s long-awaited regional ring road, the alignment of the project did not take into account the balancing of the reservoirs of the Kaleshwaram ski lift irrigation system that could fall along the way.

Thus, the initial route of the northern corridor was removed and new proposals were considered taking into account reservoirs, canals and supply channels.

The route has been redesigned taking into account several deviations.

This has been accepted by the NHAI.

The cost of land acquisition will be shared equally by the state and central governments, but the construction of the road will be entirely borne by the Center under the Bharat Mala program.

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