The central government provides Rs 3600 to women! Apply now

Janani Suraksha Yojana 2022

Janani Suraksha Yojana: The central government runs a number of unique programs for women across the country. In this article, we provide information about one of the special central government programs that provides financial support to underprivileged women in the country.

The government provides financial assistance For GLP Women

The government provides women with a total financial aid of Rs 3400 through this scheme. Let’s go over this concept in detail. Let us inform you that the government provides financial support to women who fall below the poverty line in the country in various ways. Today we are going to discuss a program in which the federal government provides this amount to pregnant women.

Scheme implemented For Health of pregnant women

Janani Suraksha Yojana is the name of the program implemented by the government to promote the health of pregnant women and newborns in the country.

The government provides financial assistance of Rs 1400 to pregnant women and low income women residing in rural areas through the Janani Suraksha Yojana. A sum of Rs 300 is also given to Asha Sahayak in order to facilitate delivery. Simultaneously, Rs 300 is granted to provide post-delivery service.

Govt. Provides Rs 1,000 to women during her delivery

All pregnant women receiving financial assistance of Rs 1,000 at the time of delivery are eligible for this program.

ACHA Sahayak will also receive 200 rupees as an incentive for delivery and an additional 200 rupees to provide post-delivery assistance. A total of Rs 400 will be distributed in this way.

Document required under the Janani Suraksha program

Aadhar card, BPL ration card, proof of address, residence certificate, Janani Suraksha card, delivery certificate provided by government hospital, bank account passbook, mobile phone number and Passport size photo are all required for this plan.

How to download the form?

The form can be downloaded by By clicking here. In this form, you must fill in all the required information.

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