The central government reactivates the construction plan for the northern access to Malaga airport

An existing access to the airport. / ON

The Ministry of Transport launches a call for tenders for the drafting of the project to connect the Costa del Sol airport to the A-7

The Spanish central government is reactivating plans to complete the construction of the northern access to Malaga airport. It is a small link of only 1.7 kilometers but it is important to decongest traffic because it will connect the A-7 directly to the terminals. After awarding the works, for 26.7 million euros, in 2018, the then Ministry of Development (now Transport) backed down and the project never started.

The reason given was the need to make the infrastructure compatible with a new western bypass road, a 6.1 kilometer link designed 15 years ago to connect industrial areas, Alhaurín de la Torre and the airport which also been contracted by the regional government after being suspended for more than a decade.

Faced with this, the Ministry of Transport has again launched a call for tenders for the tender of 1.47 million euros for the development of the route of the new project and the construction of the northern access to the airport. The planned duration of the study is two years, starting from the finalization of the contract. Considering that all interested parties have until April 22 to present their offers and the time it will take to decide between them, the drafting project will not begin until the end of this year.

As stated in the General Directorate of Highways, the project must be subject to an environmental impact study, which will further extend the final deadline for the project.

According to specifications, the road will connect the airport to the A-7 motorway at kilometer 230, at the Alhaurín de la Torre exit. It will be 1.7 kilometers long and have two lanes in each direction with a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour. The total cost of the project is now estimated at 42.26 million euros.

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