The death of local government

For the editor:

Of all the disturbing news to come out of Sumter County politics over the past year, the most alarming and profound was the bill rushed through the Legislature canceling the impact fee. While this bill was obviously aimed at Sumter County, it still applies statewide, effectively hampering local government’s ability to determine how it will fund new construction.
As the voracious monster that is our federal government continues to usurp power rightfully belonging to individual states, Tallahassee and The Family now continue to consolidate their power over not just Sumter County, but all of Florida with this bare power grab. They no longer feel the need to be discreet – the arrogance of power is in the spotlight almost daily.
Their media, Pravda, continues the assault on the two county commissioners in what smacks of work, and rather amateurish at that. The will of the people has once again been bulldozed and crushed by deep-pocketed special interests. Certainly not a government by, for or of the people. One remembers the great effort made to reverse the amendment process which arose because of the failure of the legislature to solve the many problems of the state. The will of the people is clearly scorned in the power centers of government, apparently now at all levels.
Perhaps the only hope is that the national media gets enough of a whiff of scandal to let the dogs loose on what’s going on here in Central Florida. The governor’s recent rise in national politics makes that more likely as 2024 approaches.

Steven Rieker
Village of Fenney

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