The Intergovernmental Relations Review (IGR) aims to strengthen relations between the central government and the decentralized administrations

THE UK government has unveiled new structures which it says will strengthen the relationship between Whitehall and the devolved administrations.

The review of intergovernmental relations will see the creation of a new council composed of the heads of the devolved governments and chaired by the Prime Minister.

The new three-tier structures will be supported by an independent secretariat made up of civil servants seconded from the four administrations with the aim of serving central and decentralized governments equally.

The new council will discuss issues that affect people across the UK, particularly when going through reserved and devolved politics, or are of shared responsibility.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “When the UK team comes together for a common cause, spirit and effort, we will always be at our best.

“We have shown time and time again the combined strength we have to meet the common challenges ahead, while seizing the opportunities ahead for the benefit of the whole of the UK.”

Intergovernmental Relations Minister Michael Gove said: “By working together even more effectively, we can better overcome the challenges we face, create greater opportunities and improve people’s lives for the better.

Secretary of State Brandon Lewis said the new structures would “strengthen the positive working relationship” between the UK Government and the Stormont Executive, to the benefit of everyone in Northern Ireland.

“Ensuring that we work together in the best possible way, we will build on the fantastic collaboration that has served us well as we continue to deliver together for local people,” he said.

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