The survey shows that residents are generally satisfied with the city government; Street maintenance an exception


By Tim Farley for The City Sentinel

Most Oklahoma City residents are extremely happy with public safety, garbage and water services, according to a survey this summer.

At the same time, the city hall’s customer service has improved by 10% over the past two years, according to the survey.

“I don’t know what you do, but it’s well received by the residents,” said Chris Tatham, of the ETC Institute of Olathe, Kan. “You set the standard among US cities for customer service.”

Tatham also told council that Oklahoma City “tends to do a good job of responding to a crisis. You meet the expectations of the community.

Overall, the survey showed that 70% of respondents are favorable to the quality of life in Oklahoma City and 69% are satisfied with the overall quality of services and the quality of the downtown area. In each case, these numbers place Oklahoma City 7% above the national average for major cities.

The survey, which was presented to city council on Tuesday, also showed residents were most disappointed with the city’s streets and the lack of maintenance. Residents, through the survey results, said improving streets should be the city’s top priority.

Public Works Director Eric Wenger was unavailable to comment on plans to improve the city’s streets.

Residents also believe the city needs to improve traffic flow and ease of getting around the city. Only 12% of respondents were satisfied with city streets and 43% were satisfied with the flow of traffic.

Two other major concerns among residents were the enforcement of city codes and ordinances and the overall quality of the city’s transit system.

The fire department had the highest satisfaction rate at 91%, followed by household garbage services (81%), ambulance services (80%), police service (73%) and public services. water (71%). Customer Service received a 67% rating while Parks and Recreation scored 65%.

Neighborhood police service ratings were 23% higher than the national average for major cities in the United States. Oklahoma City got 68%, while the average for major US cities was 45%.

Meanwhile, the fire department’s safety information and public education programs achieved a 61% satisfaction rating.

Oklahoma City received high marks as a great or good place to live (85%), as a place to work ((82%), and as a place to raise children ((76%). Oklahoma City’s rating as a place to live was 6% above the national average for major cities in the United States

From 2020 to 2021, resident satisfaction rates remained the same or increased in 42 of the 91 areas assessed. The survey found significant increases of 3% or more in satisfaction in 10 areas, which included customer service when visiting or calling town hall, accuracy of information provided by city ​​staff, as a place of retreat, snow removal, customer service at parks and recreation, safety in neighborhood schools, the quality of problem management and the speed with which municipal staff responded to inquiries. requests.

The ETC Institute has been running surveys of Oklahoma City residents since 2014. ETC surveyed 1,283 residents with about the same number from each council ward. The survey results have a margin of error of plus / minus 2.7%.

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