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The credit comparison – free of charge and everything at a glance!

We have made it our goal to always find the fairest and best credit provider for you. In addition to tests & experience reports, we also offer this unique comparison calculator. Here you can see the offers of the major loan comparisons at a glance. Compare creditend with Creditois. We also give tips and hints for searching for credit on comparison portals.

If the button “To offer” for technical reasons links only to the start page, we apologize. The values ​​in the credit comparison are up-to-date and correct according to the latest update on 11.02.2019.

Mini loans, if you only need a small cash injection or even a large selection of real estate loans.

Another reason is a degree of bias when you consult with your bank about a loan. You have to rely on the statements of bank employees, which of course is best if you take the loan just synonymous with this bank. So it is not very likely that you will get the best terms here and you will not find out if another bank has a loan offer with a better interest rate in the repertoire.

In addition, a loan is much more likely to be rejected by a single, classic bank. In the network, on the other hand, the borrower directly receives a number of banks that are eligible for the desired loan amount and term. To the concrete mediation then take care of the online providers such as creditend, Creditois etc.

Is the loan comparison free?

That our credit comparison is free is self-evident for us. We finance ourselves exclusively through the mediation to the credit providers. So our credit comparison stays for free, without any pre- or intermediation costs.

Is the loan comparison testing banks?

One can not say that our credit comparison tests banks directly. Instead, we compare and collect the offers that providers such as creditend or Creditois negotiate with banks or are given by them.

Take out a loan / Apply for a loan – what should be considered?

There are a few points that should be kept in mind when applying for credit should be quick and successful. First of all, it is of course important that you turn exclusively to trusting credit providers. Although it is not always directly apparent where there are serious loans and where not, in our credit comparison, we have listed only providers who demonstrably offer serious offers. 

If you want to take out a loan you should definitely make a bow to supposed private providers. So never go into forums or websites in the comments on people who allegedly offer loans at unbeatable conditions. And do not respond to emails with such content. The chances of falling into the trap here are probably 90%. Here you can be sure that you will not be cheated and can take credit without worrying. And even if you may not have the best credit rating or the private credit is not completely clean, there are reputable providers that you can turn to.

The former also offers loans with a few negative features, whereas Auxmoney is a credit marketplace where private investors dominate the loans, which theoretically gives everyone a chance to get a loan.

So do not google “credit without private credit” and take the first provider who promises you the blues of heaven. Unfortunately, many people hide here who want to exploit the emergency situations of others for themselves. Another important evidence when taking credit: Reputable providers never work with advance charges! If you are asked to pay before any credit has been placed, it is most likely a dubious provider. All providers in our credit comparison allow completely non-binding inquiries without pre-cost.

This is how our online credit comparison works

The credit comparison comparison - free of charge and everything at a glance!

With our credit comparison, you have the providers with the associated conditions at a glance. We collect the offers of the largest credit comparisons on the net and show you only the best ones. All credit providers you see in the list are reputable and trustworthy.

First, you select the term, loan amount and purpose as the borrower. Then, the loan offers that are currently the cheapest offer for your interest or interest rate request on the loan amount are displayed.

If you would like a loan offer, just click on the respective link and start your loan request. This is completely free and not binding, there are no processing fees or the like – so they do not take any risk. If things go quickly, some banks can also give you an advance pledge. Editing over the Internet often succeed very quickly, as the postal route, which takes longer, is waived.

As chic as the offers of the “big” sites are, they do not always consider all providers. If credit providers and the settlement side were unable to agree on commission payments, some reputable credit institutions simply would not appear on the list. 

In our comparison, however, there are also providers that do not exist at creditend & Co., as we source our offers from various sources. So we want to make sure that you can make your loan application as well informed as possible.

page column at the top of the page on the type of loan that interests you.

Directly for the different uses:
Free use
New / Used Cars
Modernization / renovation
credit repayment
PC / Multimedia
Checking account balance

car loan – the conditions can be much better than for a free-use loan. The car is here, so to speak, the direct equivalent of the loan granted, making the bank better protected against defaults. However, many banks here still require a so-called transfer fee, by which the car finally passes into the possession of the borrower.

installment loan is not even the better alternative – although furniture as a purpose of bringing most but no special advantages for the loan terms.

collateral for banks, as it is an extremely high equivalent to the loan. If there are problems with the repayment of the loan, the bank can burden the property and thus secure. That’s why there are often the best terms for this type of loan.

debt rescheduling are with almost 40% by far the most frequently applied loan form in Germany. Again, there are many special offers from lenders specifically for the purpose of rescheduling, which often have better conditions than a installment loan without special purpose. A provider for this is about Maxda.

vacation loans are usually on a similar level to the usual installment loans without a purpose. Nevertheless, one can keep an eye out for special loans for holiday financing.

The main features and requirements of a loan

What to look for in a loan? How do you recognize reputable providers? How do you get a loan as fast as possible? What’s up with private credit and credit rating? We would like to briefly answer these and other questions here – many questions about online credit are discussed in detail on our website.

Interest rate / interest rates in the credit comparison

In any case, interest rates are one of the most important terms for the borrower since they ultimately determine how much the loan costs you.
Especially with larger loans, the interest rate together with the term can make a huge difference. While the differences are still relatively small for short-term loans, there may be thousands in the case of mortgage lending.

With a loan amount of, for example, 50,000 euros for a real estate financing, the monthly installment with a borrowing rate of 1.80% is 900 euros, with an interest rate of 2%, however, already 1,000 euros.

running time

In direct connection with it of course is the term. As a rule of thumb, the faster the borrower pays off his loan, the cheaper it will be.

With one of our most successful loans, for example, with a loan amount of 10,000 euros and a term of 60 months, you pay monthly installments of 169.60 euros and 10,176 euros at the end. At 36 months, however, the monthly installments are 280.73 and the final amount is 10,106 euros.
The larger the loan amount becomes, the bigger these differences become.

private credit and credit rating

No reputable lender grants loans without any query from private credit or creditworthiness, information is always obtained. Obtaining a loan despite a bad credit rating or a bad credit rating is not easy but possible, for example with the help of a guarantor who, as it were, bears the credit risk instead of the borrower.

Recognize reputable credit providers

Before taking out a loan, the borrower should be sure to find out about the selected lender, as there are a lot of dubious providers on the internet.

There are several warning signs that can be used to identify problematic loan offers. For example, it is unusual for reputable providers to demand advance payments for the credit brokerage. In addition one should keep for legal reasons best at offerers from Germany, if something should go wrong.

Our seriousness check lists a whole range of trusted loan offers and lenders.

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