“This is not how adults work”: politics and dysfunction dominate the government of the city of Normandy | Politics

Fischesser said he was not quite prepared for the “muddled mess” of invoices, broken equipment and the lack of written policies and procedures he found.

Fischesser said he was working the right size of a bloated public works department and encouraged leaders to contract with other municipalities, like Ferguson, to purchase items such as gasoline or salt gem to save money and prevent theft.

He helped design a plan to deal with COVID-19 and tried to encourage the city to adopt bidding processes and better record-keeping procedures. But most of the time, Fischesser said, he was forced to chase months-old bills or emergency repairs that popped up like “little fires.”

“I probably spent a third of my time trying to figure out who we owed money to and why,” he said. “It was very frustrating to be there. “

“Watch the city burn”

Hunt said he too had been inundated in his 15 or so months as mayor. He said he has worked hard to settle debts, deal with COVID-19, establish new programs and make “drastic” changes, including laying off several employees.

One of them was Acting Director of Public Works Kevin Gibson, who is Caucasian. Gibson sued the city in April and accused Hunt, who is black, of trying to systematically rid Normandy of white workers. He alleged that Hunt had made statements such as, “We are going to get rid of all these whites (expletives) and it will be an all black town (sic) as it should be.”

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