Three candidates vying for three positions in Perry city government


Perry Mayor John Andorf, left, Brenda Espinoza de Perry, center, and Perry City Council member Vicki Klein filed for nominations for all three offices in the November ballot.

Three candidates applied for three positions in the Perry city government.

Outgoing mayor Andorf will run for a third term as mayor, and outgoing Perry city council member Vicki Klein will run for a second term in the five-member body.

Newcomer Brenda Espinoza from Perry will seek election to the second seat on Perry City Council. Espinoza graduated from DMACC in 2017 with a degree in Business Administration. She currently manages the Newbury Living properties in Perry.

Many candidates have filed entry documents in other city competitions around Dallas County. In the following list, an asterisk before the name of a candidate indicates that the candidate is an incumbent.

Adel Mayor: * Jim Peters, John Sparling; Adel City Council: * Robert Christensen, * Jodi Selby

Button Mayor: Michael Miner; Bouton City Council: Angela Marie Bru, * Nicholas Keubler, Linda Neville, * Kevin Robinson, Robert Slaughter

Mayor of Dallas Center: Julie Becker, Danny Beyer; Central Dallas City Council: Robert Haxton, * Amy Strutt, Daniel Willrich

Mayor of Dawson: * Maris Masengill; Dawson City Council: Belinda Moran, * Tammy Rinner, Connor Sackett, * Robin Wolfe

Mayor of De Soto: Mitch Crozier; De Soto City Council: Jenny Arnold, Steve Jones, Mark O’Leary, Joshua Minton, Dustin Padget, Matthew Sanders

Mayor of Dexter: Christine Huff, David Minturn, Zack Valentine, David Venema; Dexter City Council: Linda Cope, Matthew Easter, Timothy Morehouse

Mayor of Granger: * Tony James; Granger City Council: Jeremy Danilson, Jill Lehmann-Bauer, * Rob Saak

Mayor of Linden: Thomas Kauzlarich; Linden City Council: Judy Daggett, Dominic Hayden, * June rector

Mayor of Redfield: * Wade Reed; Redfield City Council: * Pamela J. Danielson, Jacob Gish

Van Meter City Council: Craig Greer, Blake Grolmus, * Joe Herman, Bob Lacy (incumbents Steve Meyer and Adam Coyle did not file)

Waukee City Council: * Charlie Bottenberg, Michael Kern, * Anna Bergman Pierce, * Ben Sinclair

Woodward City Council: Steven Godwin, * James Gough, * Ashvin Patel, Twila Sprott

Candidates have until Tuesday, September 21 at 5 p.m. to withdraw from the race or to file written objections contesting the nomination documents or the eligibility of another candidate. Written objections should be filed with the Dallas County Auditor’s office.

The seats of municipal government are non-partisan offices. Writing campaigns are also potential factors in contests.

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