TN textbooks will replace ‘central government’ with ‘unity government’, says Dindigul Leoni


The president of the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation said that the term “Union government” was now used by many people; the term would be replaced when reprinted for the following academic year

Dindigul I. Leoni, who took over as chairman of the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation, said Thursday that the term “central government” would be replaced by “government of the Union” in textbooks printed by the company.

“The term ‘Union Government’ is well used by many people now, and when the books are reprinted for the next academic year, we will replace the term ‘Central Government’ with ‘Union Government’ in the chapters. and the necessary books, “he said. Textbooks for grades 1 to 12 students studying in State Board schools are printed by the Corporation in Tamil and English.

Speaking to reporters, Leoni thanked Chief Minister MK Stalin for the opportunity to lead the Textbook Services Corporation and said he was ready to contribute innovative ideas.

Chief Minister MK Stalin had recently spoken to the Tamil Nadu Assembly about the DMK’s use of the term “unity government” and said he had used it in the past and would continue to do so. use it.

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