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Voter apathy followed the Ebonyi Local Government Area elections held in all 171 wards of 13 state councils.

People trickled out to vote as election materials and officers from the Ebonyi State Independent Electoral Commission (EBSIEC) arrived late at many polling stations.

Some of the voters who spoke to VON attributed the apathy to the fact that opposition parties did not field candidates.

At Oroke Onuoha Community Primary School Voting Unit, Oroke Onuha Playground Unit and Abakaliki Local Government Stadium 003 Voting Unit, voter turnout was been weak.

PA Ngele Oruta Township Stadium Unit Returning Officer Mr. Evan Osuji said voting could not start early as scheduled as there were delays from the collection center.

Regarding voter turnout, Osuji expressed hope that voters would come to vote and noted that the processes had gone smoothly.

A resident, Joy Nwabueze attributed the low turnout to non-presentation of candidates by opposition parties.

Nwabueze, who is a farmer, said people were unhappy with the inability of other political parties to field candidates.

You see, it is only the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates running for office and no other parties.”

Another resident and politician, Mr Joseph Nwite alleged that EBSIEC failed to give political parties a level playing field to contest the elections.

According to Nwite, only the ruling party in the state participates in the elections. No other party fielded candidates.

Mr Righteous Onuoha, who is running for councillor, attributed the low turnout to early morning rain in the state.

Onuoha said he was satisfied with the conduct of the elections and hoped to come out of it successfully.

Another voter, Mr. Mike Mwachukwu, said he came to vote to fulfill his civic responsibility.

Meanwhile, State Governor Engr David Umahi speaking to reporters after casting his vote at his polling station, Umunaga Umuchima expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing election.

I can say that I am quite satisfied with the report that I get from the polling stations.

“It’s very peaceful, the turnout is quite impressive and people vote very freely for the candidates of their preference.

“There is no other political party in Ebonyi State, we have done quite well and no other political party in Ebonyi can boast of having any reason why anyone in Ebonyi should vote for a such party other than the APC. We played, we transformed the state, so the Ebonyi people will not listen to promises, they will listen to promises made under my administration and as a party of the APC.

“I worked hard for it. Apostle Paul says I ran the race, I kept the faith, I have the crown of righteousness left, that crown of righteousness is a complete victory today.

“Each election is a selection; an opportunity for the people to choose whoever they want and that is the definition of election.said Umahi.

Emmanuel Ukoh

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