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Tahltan central government has made a $ 10,000 contribution to the Warriors Walking for Healing Nations and will see more donations from its partners, other Tahltan entities and businesses operating in Tahltan territory.

Chad Norman Day, Chairman of Tahltan Central Government, also pledged $ 5,000 from his Healthy Active Tahltans fundraiser to provide Warrior Walkers with additional equipment, food and supplies throughout their journey.

Many Tahltan members, several indigenous nations and many other supporters joined the walkers on their way.

“The Warriors’ March for the Healing of Nations is a courageous and magnificent initiative launched by a group of our people and they have the full support of the Tahltan central government and the Tahltan Nation,” Day said.

“We are so proud of the Warrior Walkers for their sacrifices and their continued efforts to raise funds and educate victims, survivors and residential school initiatives. “

Day went on to say that the Warrior Walkers unite people throughout their journey.

“They are having a significant impact all over the Northwest and bringing people together the right way to heal and have very important conversations,” Day said.

“More than ever, Canadians are taking the time to learn about the terrible legacy and impacts of residential schools, which helps them better understand the urgent need to hold Indigenous nations accountable and remain focused on reconciliation efforts and initiatives.

Tahltan’s central government will continue to support initiatives that honor residential school victims and survivors and contribute to the healing process.

The Warriors for Healing Nations March began in Whitehorse on June 25 and the marchers made their way to Kamloops.

On June 12, the Warrior Walkers arrived in Meziadin and then proceeded to Kitwanga. In Kitwanga, the Warrior Walkers took a three-day break.

Kitwanga is just under 1,000 kilometers from Kamloops.

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