WMNF | City of Tampa Survey: Citizens Have ‘Growing Confidence in City Government’

The City of Tampa says a new survey finds its citizens have “increasing confidence in city government” and that there has been “a substantial increase in the number of residents recommending Tampa as a place to open business.” ‘a company”.

A Friday news release says 1,300 adult Tampa residents were interviewed by phone in 2021 for the “Citizen Values ​​Survey.”

Confidence in the city of Tampa improves

Mayor Jane Castor said the survey “is an important tool for measuring resident satisfaction with the work and direction of the City of Tampa. This shows that we are on the right track. »

The city says trust has “significantly improved” compared to the same survey in 2020. In 2021, 93% of Tampa residents expressed trust in the city government, representing a 4% increase compared to 2020. This is better than the national average, according to the city. from Tampa.

Tampa as a place to live and do business

The City of Tampa says, “More Tampanians are recommending Tampa as a place to open a business. They also recommend Tampa as a place to travel and visit. 95% recommend Tampa as a place to live. 90% recommend Tampa as a place to open a business, up 13% from last year.

According to the city, the survey found that “housing and transportation with smooth traffic, quality roads and affordable housing are the top three issues for residents.”

Other survey results, per the City of Tampa:

  • 74% of tenants want to own and 60% think they can find accommodation here.
  • Landlords in the town have similar priorities to unincorporated Hillsborough County, prioritizing housing size and affordability over commuting.
  • Residents say they would be more likely to walk and cycle with increased traffic enforcement, new sidewalks, separate bike lanes and additional shade.
  • A sizable minority of residents say they would use public transit if certain improvements were made, including increased frequency and reliability of transit options, and investments in safety and cleanliness.

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